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Ingram Insurance Agency

20 Chesterfield Hwy
Cheraw, SC 29520

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Ingram Insurance Agency

Welcome to Ingram Insurance Agency

Ingram Insurance Agency is an independent agency. We service customers throughout Cheraw, Chesterfield County, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Ingram Insurance Agency offers a full range of coverage to protect your financial security, wellbeing, and property. We proudly serve Cheraw, SC, and the surrounding areas with insurance policies to protect residents' autos, homes, businesses, recreational vehicles, watercraft, health, and life.

Auto and Motorcycle Insurance

Let us help you obtain South Carolina mandated auto insurance, full coverage for your vehicle, or a custom policy that provides just what you need to cover your automobile or chopper. Ingram Insurance Agency offers liability, comprehensive, collision, property damage, roadside assistance, and car rental assistance.

Home and Renters Insurance

Ingram Insurance Agency offers home insurance including: Homeowners, Condo, Farm, Renters, and Landlord Insurance.

If you reside in a hazardous flood zone, let us help you obtain the Flood Insurance.

Business Insurance

Ingram Insurance Agency insures businesses, too. We offer more than 20 types of Business Insurance policies, including Commercial Auto, Commercial Property, Professional Liability, Trucker insurance.

Boat and Watercraft Insurance

Let our team help you insure your boat and watercraft, too. Our insurance policies cover boats and yachts of all types as well as watercraft, such as Seadoos and jet skis.

Classic Car and RV Insurance

We also offer classic car and RV insurance to protect you from the liability related to driving these spectacular vehicles. Classic car insurance enables you to replace your vehicle if it incurs irreparable damage. RV insurance offers the same type of protection as auto insurance, but for your larger home away from home. You can also choose full-timers insurance if you reside in your RV.

Life Insurance

Protect your family or other close loved ones from the financial hardship caused by your death with life insurance. We offer Whole Life Insurance and Term Insurance.

Health Insurance

Ingram Insurance Agency also offers a wide array of health insurance. Let us help you protect your financial security with insurance to protect your personal and real property, health and wellbeing, and business.



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