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South Carolina Health insurance coverage

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Health Insurance in South Carolina

South Carolina’s Ingram Insurance Agency offers residents a full range of health coverage to protect their wellbeing and provide healthcare and medical treatment. We serve Cheraw, SC and the surrounding areas with insurance policies to protect their health and provide preventative care.

South Carolina Health Insurance

Ingram Insurance Agency offers numerous health insurance options. You could shop in the federal marketplace to find us, but why go through the complexity of that website when you can find our policy options on our website or call us?

Your employer, Medicare, or Medicaid may provide you with health insurance. If you’re self-employed or your employer has too small of a business to qualify as a required employer under federal law, you must purchase your own health insurance. The only exception stems from those who receive Medicare or Medicaid coverage.

Let Ingram Insurance Agency help you purchase a temporary or permanent policy to fulfill the health insurance mandate. If you need insurance outside of the annual open enrollment period, you’ll need a temporary policy. This type of health insurance provides you with health insurance during the gap between your loss of insurance and the open enrollment period. In some cases, you can convert your temporary plan to a permanent one during open enrollment. In other cases, you’ll need to obtain a different policy.

The US health insurance requirements help ensure that each American has appropriate health care coverage to benefit from wellness programs, hospitalization coverage, doctor’s visits, etc.

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Don’t go another day without health insurance. Let Ingram Insurance Agency serving Cheraw, SC help you protect your health and your financial security with health insurance. Carrying health insurance ensures that if you fall ill or become injured in an accident, your coverage will pay for your medical costs rather than paying out of pocket. Call us today to get insured.


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