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Home Insurance in South Carolina

Securing home insurance is vital for those residing in South Carolina. While it is not a state law to have home insurance, it is highly recommended. Mortgage lenders also require you to carry home insurance until you have satisfied your loan. Below are the different features of home insurance and what you can expect with a policy from Ingram Insurance Agency.

Comprehensive Coverage

Unfortunately, your home could fall victim to a tragic home invasion or vandalism attack. If your home were destroyed maliciously by someone else, your comprehensive coverage would cover any lost or stolen items off of the property.

Structural Protection

Any damage done to your home or other structure on your property is covered with your home insurance. Any storage barns, fences, or garages in addition to your home could suffer damage and need repair. With home insurance, you can have restoration and renovations done, assisting you with the financial expenses. This could be caused by an accidental fire or other natural disasters that come through the area.

Liability Protection

Hosting events and having guests over is a big part of the culture in South Carolina, so you need protection should someone be hurt while on your property. If you are taken to court and deemed responsible for medical or even property damages, you will be forced to pay it. With the liability portion of your policy, you can get financial assistance with these damages. Families with pets and small children must have liability coverage.

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If you are looking to get a new home insurance policy, contact our agents at Ingram Insurance Agency today. We proudly serve the residents of Cheraw, SC, and other neighboring areas.


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