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South Carolina Classic Car insurance coverage

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Classic Car Insurance in South Carolina

A classic car is more than a luxury. It's an investment. You should invest in classic car insurance since you've put time and money into your vehicle. Ingram Insurance Agency in Cheraw, SC can help with purchasing classic car insurance.

First, we want to help you understand classic car insurance basics.

The Difference Between Classic Car Insurance and a Regular Auto Policy

Classic car policies are different than standard auto policies because classic cars are a special type of car. For one thing, most people don't drive their classic cars daily. A regular auto policy exists for daily driving. On the other hand, a classic car policy exists for occasional driving.

Furthermore, classic car policies differ in:

  • Eligible vehicles
  • Value for a total loss claim
  • Vehicle usage

Unlike regular automobiles that depreciate over time, a classic car appreciates over time. Therefore, you need an auto policy that considers it a classic car.

While these differences exist, a classic car policy offers liability, comprehension, and collision coverage like standard auto policies.

What to Consider When Purchasing Classic Car Coverage

When looking to purchase classic car insurance, you need to consider the following:

  • Your vehicle's value
  • Where you store your vehicle
  • How you drive your vehicle

Working With a Local Insurance Agent

Since there's so much to consider, working with a local insurance agent provides you with the best option to ensure you choose the right coverage for your classic car.

At Ingram Insurance Agency, we can answer any of your classic car insurance questions. Furthermore, we can walk you through buying a classic car policy. Finally, we can ensure that you get the minimum required coverage that meets South Carolina requirements.

When it comes to your classic car, you want to ensure your investment is adequately covered.

Contact us today for your classic car insurance needs in the Cheraw, SC area.


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