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What to Know When Getting Auto Insurance for an EV

As electric vehicles (EVs) become increasingly popular, prospective and current owners need to understand the unique aspects of insuring these vehicles. At Ingram Insurance, we can help drivers in Cheraw, SC find auto insurance for their EVs. Here are a few things you should know to get started.

Understanding the Premiums for EVs

Insurance premiums for EVs can differ from those for gasoline vehicles. The reasons are multifaceted.

EVs often have higher purchase prices, and their repair costs can be greater due to specialized parts and the expertise required for maintenance. They also frequently have more driver assist features, which can be quite expensive to fix. These can all raise comprehensive and collision rates.

At the same time, liability rates may be lower because of the many driver-assist safety features that most EVs come with.

Comprehensive Coverage is Key

Given the sophisticated technology onboard EVs, including batteries and electric motors, we at Ingram Insurance often recommend that Cheraw, SC drivers get comprehensive coverage. Even though it might be a bit more, premiums are nowhere near how much repairing an EV could be.

Consider Battery Coverage

The battery is your EV’s heart and one of its most expensive components. Some auto insurance policies for electric vehicles include specific coverage for the battery pack. Our agents can help you check which insurers offer battery coverage.

Charging Equipment Coverage

Finally, don’t overlook insurance for your home charging station. This equipment may require additional coverage beyond your standard homeowner’s policy. 

Get Auto Insurance for Your EV

Whether you’re new to the world of EVs or looking to update your policy, our team is here to provide expert guidance and support. Contact us today to find a good auto insurance policy for your electric vehicle.

Commercial Insurance Coverage Essentials for Your Retail Store

Enhancing Your Retail Store Insurance Coverage

Business owners frequently grapple with unforeseen adversities such as inventory damage or unanticipated theft. Are you fully equipped to handle these setbacks? Adequate insurance coverage is essential for your retail store. This blog outlines critical steps in building your insurance plan.

Layout and Region

Firstly, evaluate your business layout, considering how easy it is for potential criminals to gain access. The location of your business significantly matters. In crime-prone areas, anxiety over security may constantly loom over your business operations. Beefing up your store’s insurance coverage ensures 24/7 protection in such instances.

Value of Goods

Moreover, take into consideration the value of goods stored in your facility. With a large inventory, you face a high risk of severe financial loss in cases of theft or damage. You can avert a financial calamity by hiking up your business’s insurance coverage. Note down all equipment, office materials, machinery, and valuable inventory items you wish to incorporate into your commercial insurance policy.


Implementing suitable security measures, using them consistently, and equipping your retail store with security features are crucial responsibilities. This can considerably curtail the risk of burglary, defacement, and damage.

Contact Ingram Insurance

Our agents at Ingram Insurance are always ready to assist you. Contact our team if you are in Cheraw, SC, to update your commercial insurance policy. Get started with a quote!

Renovations That Can Affect Your Home Insurance

Many home renovations can impact the value of your property and increase or decrease the cost of your current homeowner insurance policy, while others may not have that much of an impact. Ingram Insurance in Cheraw, SC is here to help you navigate your options. 

Here are four popular renovations that may affect your insurance policy:

1. Increasing the Square Footage of Your Home

Regardless of its intended use, adding living space to your home increases the square footage and its replacement value, which is a factor in your property’s value. Your homeowner’s insurance cost is likely to rise in accordance with the amount of the addition’s new square footage.

2. Adding Major Outdoor Installations

Many of life’s most memorable moments are spent in the backyard where you can be stress-free and enjoy privacy. Two additions that are often called “attractive nuisances” can pose certain safety risks, especially for children. Two of the most common backyard additions are swimming pools and trampolines, both of which are likely to increase coverage costs.

3. Installing a Security System

Homes with security systems (either monitored or unmonitored) enjoy greater protection from criminals and increase the owner’s peace of mind. Burglar alarms, water leak detectors, steel doors, and deadbolts can help lower home insurance premiums.

4. Renovating a Bathroom or Kitchen

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are two of the most costly home upgrades owners can make and be both risky and challenging to navigate. Making certain that you have proper amounts of insurance coverage in place can minimize any unexpected issues or mishaps that arise during the project.

Call Your Agent About Home Upgrades & Your Home Insurance Policy

Before making renovations, you can contact your insurer about potential policy increases or decreases, but you definitely need to let them know immediately afterward to ensure you’re covered. Let us be your home insurance provider of choice at Ingram Insurance in Cheraw, SC.

If You’re Confused About Auto Insurance, Read This Quick Guide!

Are you about to buy auto insurance for the first time and feel absolutely baffled? Well, our team at Ingram Insurance can help Cheraw, SC drivers understand their policies and provide the guide that you need through this important and potentially rewarding process.

Price Factors

Have you looked at policy pricing and had no idea how it was decided? Here are some factors that affect it:

  • Your age
  • Driving history 
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Current location 
  • Credit scores 

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is designed to protect you from issues caused by non-collision issues, such as fire, flood, hail, deer, and vandalism. Collision helps when you hit anything while driving, and you’re at fault. Both are important options to add to your policy.

Bundling Policies 

Did you know that you can bundle different insurance policies if you get them from the same provider? So, if your parents or partner has a policy, you can get one from the same provider and even save money. Furthermore, you can also get home and even life insurance in this way. 

Other Drivers are Protected 

If your brother borrows your car and gets into an accident, will your insurance pay? Absolutely! Your policy follows the car, not the driver. In the same way, your policy won’t protect you if you drive a different car, so make sure every vehicle you drive has insurance. 

Lapses are a Problem 

We know that it might seem pricey to pay your policy every month. But if you don’t keep your insurance up to date, you’ll end up lapsing and could lose coverage. When you get it again, you’ll have to pay even more.

We’re Here to Help 

Contact us at Ingram Insurance if you’re still confused about your Cheraw, SC insurance protection. Our team will provide the help you need to choose a policy that fits your budget.

3 Features to Look for When Choosing a Commercial Policy

Ingram Insurance is proud to serve business owners and operators located in Cheraw, SC and the surrounding area. If you want to make sure that you have the coverage you need, you can count on us to review your current commercial policy for completeness. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Main Features to Look for When Choosing a Commercial Policy

  1. Comprehensive Protection – it’s important that your commercial policy includes the features and benefits that are most important to your company. Your local agent can review your policy with you to identify any gaps in coverage.
  2. Inventory and Equipment Coverage – you’ll want your inventory coverage to protect you at its highest levels. If you own a business that experiences fluctuations in inventory levels throughout the year, be sure to have the correct amount of protection in place. Equipment valuation is another important part of obtaining and maintaining the proper level of coverage.
  3. Robust Protection from Liability – as your business grows, so too does your need for liability protection. Don’t overlook this important part of your insurance portfolio. And it’s also a great idea to speak with one of our local agents about the possibility of adding an umbrella policy to your commercial insurance portfolio.

Schedule a consultation today to review your current insurance policies for completeness.

Trust Our Team for All Your Commercial Insurance Needs

Business owners and operators in Cheraw, SC and nearby communities trust the team at Ingram Insurance. Contact our office today to learn more about the comprehensive commercial policy options currently available in our area. We look forward to working with you!

Why You Need the Protection of Home Insurance

When you are a homeowner, it’s important to have home insurance from the day you buy your home. It’s required for many people to keep a policy. Any lender will have you get this insurance and keep it. HOAs and other community organizations may also require it. When you have home insurance, it protects you in various ways against the many risks your home and belongings may face. When you are in need of a home policy, call us at Ingram Insurance in Cheraw, SC. 

Home Protection

One of the biggest ways that home insurance protects is by giving protection to your home against many different accidents and incidents. Specific disasters and calamities can happen to a home and cause it a great deal of damage. This can be extremely expensive to get fixed if you don’t have a home insurance policy. If you do have home insurance, the policy can take on the repair bills. This can save you an enormous amount. 

Items Protection

In addition to protection for your home, this insurance also supplies protection for the items you have in your home. The coverage protects your belongings against the same type of damaging events that it protects your home against. It can pay for replacing your items so you can get back to your life again after so much damage has happened. 

Liability Protection

These policies also have an amount of coverage for liability. This covers you against medical bills and other costs if someone has an accident on your property. Those medical bills and other expenses, like lost wages, can be high. Don’t go without the protection you need to pay those bills. 

Get Your Home Insurance Policy

When you need home insurance, don’t wait. Call us at Ingram Insurance in Cheraw, SC to get started. 

How can I benefit from having an auto insurance plan in South Carolina?

Owning a car is a good option for many in the Cheraw, SC area. If you are going to buy one here, it is very important that you also think about your insurance needs. When you have a proper auto insurance plan in place, you can benefit in a variety of ways that will make it a great investment. 

You Will Meet All Requirements

One benefit that is received when you continue to carry an auto insurance plan in this state is that you will comply with requirements. Having auto coverage is necessary in most situations. When you take out a loan, you will be required to carry coverage to meet lender standards. Further, to drive a car in South Carolina, you will need to have liability coverage. If you have a full auto insurance plan at all times, you will meet such requirements and can avoid being penalized.

You Will Receive Appropriate Coverage

It is also a good idea to have an auto insurance plan to receive all the coverage it can provide. A standard auto insurance plan will offer both coverage for your vehicle and liability coverage. With this support, you will have financial protection to cover a liability claim if you are responsible for an accident as well as protection for your car if you incur a covered loss.

Reach Out To Us

It is always helpful to have an auto insurance plan when you are going to buy a car in the Cheraw, SC area. If you are looking for this coverage here, you can call our team with Ingram Insurance to start the search. Our professionals at Ingram Insurance know the value of this coverage and will offer the help you need to build a policy that is right for your situation. 

How commercial insurance can save your small business

All businesses face risks daily, but small businesses are more vulnerable because they don’t have the same assets as large businesses. No insurance can protect your business from every risk, but commercial insurance is designed to offer the most protection possible. At Ingram Insurance in Cheraw, SC, we are independent insurance agents with the expertise and experience to provide our customers with the level of service they expect. 

Not every small business will need every type of potential commercial insurance, but some types are universally useful. 

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance will cover the building where your business is located if you own the building, but it does more than that. It is valuable even if you are renting your location, it covers the things you use in your business. That can be things like office equipment, inventory, display units, raw materials, tools, and anything that you need to conduct your business. 

Commercial liability insurance

Being sued is one of the most common risks that all business face. You can be sued by an unhappy customer, by someone who was injured while visiting your business, or by something that you produce. You can even be sued by an employee who is unhappy. All of these pose dangers to your business’s survival. Commercial liability insurance will pay a judgment against you and legal costs up to the limit of the policy. 

Worker compensation insurance

The state of South Carolina requires that businesses that employ four or more employees provide worker compensation. There are some exceptions for casual workers who don’t work regular hours and employers who have a payroll of less than $3000 annually. Worker compensation protects workers but also employers. 

Contact us

When you are ready to discuss your commercial needs, give us a call at Ingram Insurance in Cheraw, SC. 

Four reasons why carrying home insurance is a priority

If you own a home, you need home insurance. Insure your home in Cheraw, SC with the insurance coverage we offer at Ingram Insurance.

There are plenty of good reasons to carry home insurance.

The following are four reasons why carrying home insurance is a priority:

You have to carry home insurance.

Most homeowners are required to carry home insurance because they are paying off their mortgage loans. If you still owe money on your mortgage loan, you have to carry home insurance. 

Your home is your most valuable possession.

You have to invest a lot of money in owning a home. In fact, a home is the most valuable possession of many consumers. That’s why consumers need to insure their homes and protect their value to keep themselves in good financial condition.

Being uninsured is a cause for concern.

You could be leaving yourself at risk of financial problems without home insurance. It can be stressful to own a home, but carrying home insurance can help to minimize the risk. Homeowners can enjoy peace of mind if they carry home insurance. 

You face liability risks as a homeowner.

Homeowners shouldn’t assume that they’ll never face a lawsuit due to an accident in their home. Lawsuits are more common than you may expect.

Home insurance is important for covering any costs you incur as a result of a lawsuit against you. If you don’t have home insurance, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for all these costs. 

Reach Out To Us

Get in touch with us at Ingram Insurance to get the home insurance coverage that you need. We’ll provide you with a quote for coverage on your home in Cheraw, SC. 

Tips for Helping You Stay Awake When Driving Late at Night

If you are driving a long distance, you may want to drive late at night when there is less traffic. However, it can be challenging to stay awake when you are driving late at night, especially if you are alone or the occupants of your vehicle are sleeping. Here are some tips from Ingram Insurance, serving the greater Cheraw, SC area, that can help you stay awake as you drive late at night. 

Tips for Helping You Stay Awake When Driving Late at Night

Get Some Exercise

Exercise helps to pump blood within your body and boost your adrenaline and serotonin levels, helping you to stay awake. Do five to ten minutes of jumping jacks, complete short sprints, or even walk for 10 to 15 minutes before driving at night or when you have to stop for food or the bathroom. 

Chew Gum

Chewing mint gum can help to stimulate your nervous system, which helps you to be more aware and helps your reaction times. As such, you should try to chew gum when you are behind the wheel late at night to help you stay awake and alert.

Stay Hydrated and Fueled

Being dehydrated or not well-fed can lead to you feeling sleepy or drowsy behind the wheel. As such, if you are going on a long road trip or if you are driving at night, you should always stay hydrated and fueled. However, instead of reaching for sugary snacks, try to eat healthy snacks and drinks. Select snacks that have plenty of protein, as this will help prevent a sugar crash that is associated with carbs and candy. 

Reach Out To Us

Falling asleep behind the wheel is a leading cause of accidents. As such, you want to take preventative measures to help you prevent falling asleep behind the wheel. And speaking of preventative measures, having the right auto insurance coverage for you is a must in case you are involved in an accident. The team at Ingram Insurance, serving the Cheraw, SC area, can help you with all of your auto insurance needs. Call us now to get started. 


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