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Do Newer Homes in Cheraw, SC Require More Home Insurance Coverage or Less?

Whether it’s an old or new home in Cheraw, SC, you will need home insurance coverage. However, you may wonder if your newer home comes with home insurance considerations specifically because it’s a newer home. At Ingram Insurance, we want you to make an informed home insurance choice. To that end, here are a few things to consider regarding home insurance for newer homes.

Why Newer Homes Might Have Different Insurance Needs

A newer home typically involves improved, modern building techniques, safer construction methods and materials, and a likely increase in safety-based technology options. All these things can affect an insurance premium.

For example, modern building techniques can mean an inherently safer structure or capable of dealing with extreme weather conditions. You may expect your insurance premium to decrease somewhat in such a case. By contrast, adding technology to the structure can increase its value, potentially increasing the insurance premium.

What Matters When It Comes to Home Insurance Coverage

Your premium will depend on a host of other factors far beyond the year of your home’s construction. For example, does your home have amenities that create liabilities? Swimming pools and outdoor kitchens add value to a home but can also add more potential risks. Then, there are the typical considerations such as location, size, and personal belongings to cover.

Ultimately, the amount of home insurance coverage for a newer home will depend on your personal needs, unique situation, and goals. Just as an older home may have specific insurance coverage needs, so does a newer home. However, in both cases, those needs will depend entirely on a full suite of considerations, not just the property’s age.

Work with a reputable insurer to find the coverage options most suitable for your home and your budget. If you’re looking for home insurance for a newer or older home in Cheraw, SC, contact Ingram Insurance today.


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