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Renovations That Can Affect Your Home Insurance

Many home renovations can impact the value of your property and increase or decrease the cost of your current homeowner insurance policy, while others may not have that much of an impact. Ingram Insurance in Cheraw, SC is here to help you navigate your options. 

Here are four popular renovations that may affect your insurance policy:

1. Increasing the Square Footage of Your Home

Regardless of its intended use, adding living space to your home increases the square footage and its replacement value, which is a factor in your property’s value. Your homeowner’s insurance cost is likely to rise in accordance with the amount of the addition’s new square footage.

2. Adding Major Outdoor Installations

Many of life’s most memorable moments are spent in the backyard where you can be stress-free and enjoy privacy. Two additions that are often called “attractive nuisances” can pose certain safety risks, especially for children. Two of the most common backyard additions are swimming pools and trampolines, both of which are likely to increase coverage costs.

3. Installing a Security System

Homes with security systems (either monitored or unmonitored) enjoy greater protection from criminals and increase the owner’s peace of mind. Burglar alarms, water leak detectors, steel doors, and deadbolts can help lower home insurance premiums.

4. Renovating a Bathroom or Kitchen

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are two of the most costly home upgrades owners can make and be both risky and challenging to navigate. Making certain that you have proper amounts of insurance coverage in place can minimize any unexpected issues or mishaps that arise during the project.

Call Your Agent About Home Upgrades & Your Home Insurance Policy

Before making renovations, you can contact your insurer about potential policy increases or decreases, but you definitely need to let them know immediately afterward to ensure you’re covered. Let us be your home insurance provider of choice at Ingram Insurance in Cheraw, SC.


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