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Why You Need the Protection of Home Insurance

When you are a homeowner, it’s important to have home insurance from the day you buy your home. It’s required for many people to keep a policy. Any lender will have you get this insurance and keep it. HOAs and other community organizations may also require it. When you have home insurance, it protects you in various ways against the many risks your home and belongings may face. When you are in need of a home policy, call us at Ingram Insurance in Cheraw, SC. 

Home Protection

One of the biggest ways that home insurance protects is by giving protection to your home against many different accidents and incidents. Specific disasters and calamities can happen to a home and cause it a great deal of damage. This can be extremely expensive to get fixed if you don’t have a home insurance policy. If you do have home insurance, the policy can take on the repair bills. This can save you an enormous amount. 

Items Protection

In addition to protection for your home, this insurance also supplies protection for the items you have in your home. The coverage protects your belongings against the same type of damaging events that it protects your home against. It can pay for replacing your items so you can get back to your life again after so much damage has happened. 

Liability Protection

These policies also have an amount of coverage for liability. This covers you against medical bills and other costs if someone has an accident on your property. Those medical bills and other expenses, like lost wages, can be high. Don’t go without the protection you need to pay those bills. 

Get Your Home Insurance Policy

When you need home insurance, don’t wait. Call us at Ingram Insurance in Cheraw, SC to get started. 


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